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The only way to prevent business disruption is to plan for it.

Business continuity planning helps keep your business in business.

SARGE by Keystone is tactical business continuity that will help you develop a technology plan and put it in place.

A catastrophic business disruption can result in a significant loss of company data. SARGE by Keystone can help you get back up and running as quickly as possible to prevent lost sales and revenue, financial losses and possible business closure.

In addition to having backups of your company’s valuable data, a business continuity and disaster recovery plan will restore the applications that run your business, and get your entire IT infrastructure functional again.

Disasters happen. Having SARGE by Keystone develop your business continuity plan can ensure your business stays in business if it ever happens to you.

Your data is your most important asset.

If your business has data, you need a business continuity plan.

Imagine if your company lost all, or even some, of its data. You couldn’t continue operations because you wouldn’t have an accurate inventory count; you couldn’t bill your customers; you couldn’t pay your vendors or employees; your manufacturing specs would be lost.    

Scary thought, isn’t it?

With SARGE by Keystone on your team, a complete and recent data backup can save your business and make it less scary.

The cost of regret > the cost to plan.

Many organizations feel that business continuity planning is an unnecessary expense and ignore the possibility that a disaster could happen to them. In reality, business continuity is a much less costly alternative to a complete business disruption and loss of revenue and customers.

The best business continuity plan is the one that’s never used. The worst? The one that doesn’t exist.

Which would you rather have?

With SARGE by Keystone as your disaster recovery expert, you'll have complete peace of mind that we've got your back(up).

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With Keystone, we solved not only our IT needs,

but we now have a consistent cost that we can budget for. Plus, we can direct our attention now to the needs of the business!"

Brian Miller, President and CEO, V&S Galvanizing


SARGE by Keystone provides tactical business continuity that works with your existing IT infrastructure and can be implemented when a disaster or business disruption occurs. SARGE understands the why and the how of business continuity because SARGE understands the why and how of IT.

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